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Electric Car Charging

Help maximise your bookings on your short-term rental

Property owners recognize the growing need for EV charging in apartments, condos, and vacation rentals due to increased demand from guests. As many prefer to charge their EVs overnight, they prioritize rentals with rapid EV charging. Adding an EV charger has become a crucial amenity for listings on platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo, and to attract more guests.

home charger partners

Work with Mobula Ray EV and one of our Home Charge Manufacturing partners to install a home charger which is compatible and can be remotely controlled by Mobula Ray EV.

contact-less automated payments

Our NFC tags are uniquely programmed for each host and attached to the charger. With the Mobula Ray app, drivers can automatically check-in and out, start and stop parking and charging sessions using these NFC tags. Drivers can easily set up payment methods, and payment is automatic, using Apple/Google Pay.

So whether you have smart connected charge point or its offline the charging experience does is contact-less and seamless.

booking and payment system

Mobula Ray app caters to EV drivers and hosts. The app enables drivers to search for nearby charge points  while hosts can set their charging points' availability.


Mobula Ray EV allows EV Drivers to reserve the charge point for rental guests or while vacant make it available to other EV Drivers nearby.

dynamic pricing

Mobula Ray EV's Dynamic Pricing system is a game-changer in the EV charging market. Our system automatically adjusts prices based on real-time occupancy, giving EV hosts a competitive advantage.


This means they can capture more revenue during peak hours and use competitive pricing to drive traffic during slower periods. With revenue increases of 12-27%, our Dynamic Pricing system is a must-have for EV hosts.

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