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Expanding Local Government EVI through circular economics

Catering to the growing EV market, our platform addresses the demand for reliable charging infrastructure by granting access to a vast network of private charging points. 

Why Local Governments should work with Mobula Ray EV?

Provide coverage across your whole area

Mobula Ray EV provides public access to charging stations in areas where the expenses associated with Distribution Network Operator (DNO) make the installation of public chargers financially unfeasible.


For example you have a popular seaside town that only has 2 7Kw public chargers in public car park. By working with Manta Ray EV we can collaborate with local residents and businesses to install chargers at discounted prices in return for sharing it to public via Manta Ray EV. 

Collaborate for FUNDING

Working in partnership with local authorities enables us to secure central funding for the installation of private chargers, which can be shared among businesses and residents.


This strategy is six times more cost-effective, reducing capital expenditure compared to the installation of public charging points.

COmmunity-driven EV Adoption

The availability and accessibility of shared private charging stations can boost the local adoption of electric vehicles.


This approach promotes a shared economy for charging infrastructure.

Local income for the local community

By circumventing intermediaries such as major oil corporations, utility companies, and charge point operators, we can provide direct support to local EV hosts and enhance their earnings.

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