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Green Coral and Fish
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Mobula Ray EV mission is to reduce the carbon emissions by accelerating mass adoption of Electric Vehicles globally.

Our Story

Mobula Ray EV was founded with a vision for a sustainable future, motivated by the impact of climate change on reefs and wildlife. Our CEO, inspired during their time at a major Energy Company working on EV charging, saw the critical role of electric vehicles (EVs) in reducing carbon emissions.

As EV adoption grows, the need for adequate charging infrastructure becomes apparent. Mobula Ray EV addresses this by connecting private chargers with EV users, ensuring a smooth experience for both drivers and hosts. Our goal is to foster a vibrant EV community, encouraging more people to join the shift towards a cleaner future.

Join Mobula Ray EV in our mission to provide convenient, reliable, and eco-friendly EV charging solutions. Together, we can drive significant environmental change and move towards a greener tomorrow.

Mobula Ray EV Origins

Meet the Team

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Mark Miller - CEO and Founder

Mark Miller is a product leader, speaker, mentor, and technologist with 25+ years of executive experience using technology and markets to help companies reach their full potential. 


He has expertise in software development, product management, and leading-edge technology, and has digitally transformed companies in various industries, including Enterprise Communications, Financial Services, Customer Experience, Energy, Big Data, Market Research, Real Estate and EV charging. 


Mark has worked in small start-ups, scale-ups, corporate incubators, and large companies in the UK and USA. 


He holds a degree in Electronic Engineering and an MBA from Open University Business School.

Naeem Atta - CTO and Founder

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Naeem Atta is a seasoned CTO with 30+ years of experience in cutting-edge technology solutions. 
He guides organizations through boom-bust cycles, offering adaptable tech capabilities and capitalizing on innovative advancements. 

Naeem is a strong proponent of blockchain and leverages decentralization and smart contracts to revolutionize industries. He specializes in AI, leading to advisory roles with the UK Government, global energy organizations, and FinTech start-ups. 
Naeem holds degrees in Computer Science and Data Science & Analytics, showcasing his commitment to continuous learning. He envisions using technology to create more equitable wealth distribution and break down barriers for all.

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Sham Chaudhry - COO and Founder

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Sham is a dedicated COO with 19+ years of industry experience in strategic planning, operational effectiveness, financial examination, and market positioning. 


He employs a data-informed approach to corporate transformation, excels in change management, and has guided startups, mid-sized firms, and established enterprises to success in domestic and international markets. 


Sham fosters a culture of openness, responsibility, and progress while actively engaging with stakeholders. He can help companies achieve turnaround, expansion, scalability, and fruitful exits by formulating tailored strategies to fulfill their objectives. 


With his vast experience, strategic foresight, and cooperative demeanor, Sham is the business architect you need to help unlock your company's full potential and attain success.

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Let's Connect


Are you a business owner who has chargers and wants to attract more customers by sharing it to large community? A Charger owner who want to make money from your charger? A potential partner who can help accelerate the adoption of EVs ?

Connect with us!!!!


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167-169 Great Portland Street, 5th Floor, London W1W 5PF, United Kingdom

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