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Find and reserve more charge points

As we enable access to 80% of EV charging infrastructure that sits in residential and business locations Mobula Ray EV helps. Find a charger near you or along your route.


contact-less automated payments

Simplified NFC Tag System with Mobula Ray EV

Each of our hosts receives a unique NFC tag for their charger.


Drivers can effortlessly use the Mobula Ray EV app to check-in, check-out, and manage their parking and charging sessions using these tags.


Plus, with easy setup for Apple/Google Pay, payments are convenient and automatic.

booking & payment system

Mobula Ray app caters to EV drivers and hosts. The app enables drivers to search for nearby charge points while hosts can set their charging points' availability.


It also features a wallet for automated payments and analysis of income and trends for hosts, showing their earned in-app rewards in form of MREV tokens.

TRUSTED & safe platform

Security is a top priority at Mobula Ray.

We ensure user safety through mandatory KYC for all users, and hosts must validate their charge points and addresses.


This rigorous approach builds trust and confidence in our platform.


Additionally, our review system allows both drivers and hosts to choose top-rated chargers and users for a reliable experience.

personalised route planning

Mobula Ray EV's Personalised Route Planning feature sets us apart from the competition.


We use your previous history and preference settings, along with weather, traffic, events, Points of Interest, and the availability of Mobula Ray charge points to present you with the best possible routes.


Our map interface makes it easy to plan your journey and stay on track.

Why EV drivers should sign up?

Secure & Safe

Using KYC bank-standard verification all users are checked and Hosts are further checked for address & Charge Point. Damage Protection Insurance and Maintenance & Repair for Hosts.

Dynamic Pricing

Coming Soon!!! Maximises Host revenue by adjusting prices based on real-time data such as Events, weather, traffic, time of day

Simple Charging Experience

Quick booking & payment systems. NFC tags attached to Host CP make check-in and check-out whether smart CPs or not.

AI Personalised Route Planning

Coming Soon!! AI-driven route based on personal preferences, history and real world factors

Community Accurate Platform

Private chargers have limited downtime as owners frequently use them for their own EVs. By subscribing to Mobula Ray EV's maintenance and repair service, downtime is minimized.

Review System

Quality and trust will be driven by reviews of Hosts and Drivers. Hosts can set minim review ratings. Reviews are rewarded.

Community Owned

Earning Mobula Ray EV tokens grants usership where holders can propose and vote on ideas for features and governance

Host Incentives

There are in-app rewards for community tasks which include temporary revenue share of Hosts referred.

Ev Drivers vehicle
Ami using shared Manta Ray EV charging point
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