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Grow your business with EV charging

Expand your reach to include EV Drivers looking to combine EV charging with retail or leisure activities. Get access to the Mobula Ray EV community.

growing demand

The latest projections is that by 2030 8 to 11 million cars will be electric or hybrid on the roads in the UK.

In the US BloombergNEF says that half of all cars sold in the US will be battery-electric, plug-in hybrid, or fuel cell-powered by the end of this decade.

attract more customers

Customers using your shared EV Charging stations will also spend time and money in your business.


And of course you generate additional revenue from the EV charging itself.


Government authorities are incentivising businesses to install charging stations to help transition to green economy.

Another type of incentive which will grow your customer base is the in-app rewards offered by Mobula Ray EV for reviews and referrals.

trusted platform

Mobula Ray EV ensure it is trusted platform by having every user to complete verification of their identity. EV Host have additional verification of their address and their charge point(s).

Damage protection insurance along with maintenance 7 repair services ensure charger stays operational.

Optional liability insurance gives you additional reassurance for visitors to your property

Grow your business by investing in an EV Charge Point

Charge Point Hardware Partners

Mobula Ray EV is partnered with a number of Home Charging manufacturers so we can help install a good fit for your business

Grow your customer base

Reach thousands of EV drivers by joining the Mobula Ray EV network


Make Money while helping the planet

Earn income while EV Drivers charge their vehicles. Increase the EV adoption as part of user-owned platform.

Plug n' Charge

Using the App and a NFC tag on the Charger along with KYC'd EV Drivers and damage protection to give hosts peace of mind.

Complete Control

Hosts decide when the EV Charger is shared for bookings. Mobula Ray can provide insurance options for the Host.

Dynamic Fee setting

As host you want maximise the income from your shared charge station. We help do that by dynamic setting the fees based on real-time information of events, weather, traffic and other factors.

Full control

Using OPCC control we can securely open, start & end the charging and read the usage accurately.

Competitive insight

As the host you will get up-to-date competitive pricing information

Earn in-app rewards - be an owner of Manta Ray

When a host refers another host, reviews a driver, validates themselves through Know You Customer (KYC) process they receive Mobula Ray EV tokens and become owners - with voting rights - of Mobula Ray EV.

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