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Earn money by sharing your Home charge point

Share your EV home charger when you are not using it. Set the when it is available to suit your life style and earn up to £8000 per year in additional income.

trusted platform

All users are verified using bank-standard verification.


There are no strangers walking onto your driveway or parking space.

Hosts undergo further verification of the address so its accurate and their charge point is verified as real to avoid 'ghost charging stations'.

Earn extra income

Depending on your location and popularity you can earn up to £8000 per year. 

Are near a tourist spot?

Next to retail shopping centre?

Near a Pub, Restaurant or coffee / tea shop?

Close to Gym, Leisure Centre, sports fields, Cinema, Theatre?

Near a Stadium, Conference Centre, Arena?

Near public transport such as metro, airport, tram?

You have neighbours who live in apartments or terraced housing?

You can earn even more completing community tasks like reviews and referrals gaining in-app rewards.

safe and accurate platform

As you are the guardian of the EV charger its status and operation is for your use and for the guests so it is always up-to-date.

We provide further assurance by offering damage protection of your charger.

Affordable maintenance & repair service should something go wrong.

And for those looking for full assurance we provide liability insurance for visitors to your property.

help save the planet

By bridging the gap between the vast number of private chargers and the still inadequate public EV charging infrastructure you are encourage people to transition to EV's and those that have to stay an EV owner.

Each driver we convert, each EV driver we help stay the course helps reduce the carbon emissions of the planet. Mass adoption is key to stopping climate change.

Each EV reduces the annual emissions by 16 tonnes tCOe

Why host your Home charge point on Mobula Ray EV?

Reassured Travel

You don't have to rely on the sparse and ill distributed public EV networks. You have access to more  EV charge points across the country with verified hosts.


AI assisted route planning will make life with an EV enjoyable. using your past use, preferences you can set, traffic, points of interest at and along the destination to provide Mobula Ray EV charge points with their live status along the more limited public network. 

Plug n' Charge

Using NFC on the App and NFC tag on the Charger along with bank-standard verification of users will give hosts peace of mind. Mobula Ray EV also can provide damage protection and even maintenance & repair service for your shared charge point.

Earn in-app rewards - be an owner of Mobula Ray EV

When a host refers another host, reviews a driver, validates themselves through Know You Customer (KYC) process they receive MREV token and become owners - with voting rights - of Manta Ray.


If you have no driveway or reliant on on-street charge points, Mobula Ray gives you access to a neighbourhood charger. The Mobula Ray App will calculate the best route based on charging points which now include more widely distributed residential points.

Shared Manta Ray EV Charge point to an Ami
EV Driver looking for charger on Manta Ray EV
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