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Key Takeaways - LinkedIn Audio Episode 1 Lia Knight

The Manta Ray EV LinkedIn audio series Episode recently featured a discussion with Mark Miller, the founder of Manta Ray EV, and Lia Knight, the head of innovation at ChargeSafe. Here are five key takeaways from their conversation:

1. Mark Miller's Passion for the Environment and EVs:

  • Mark Miller began his career as a software developer before transitioning to product leadership roles. He has observed the degradation of coral reefs during his scuba diving adventures around the world.

  • This observation led him to establish MANTA REV, a startup aimed at promoting the mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) to reduce carbon emissions. Additionally, Mark is involved in a project to restore a coral reef in the Red Sea by creating its digital twin.

2. Lia Knight and ChargeSafe's Mission:

  • Leah Knight is the head of innovation at Charge Safe, a company dedicated to setting the industry standard for public EV charging.

  • Charge Safe focuses on inspecting the safety and accessibility of charging infrastructure. Leah emphasized the importance of ensuring that EV charging is safe, accessible, and inclusive for everyone.

3. The Benefits of Electric Vehicles:

  • Lia shared her personal experience with her Hyundai Kona, highlighting the smooth driving experience and technological advantages of EVs. She also mentioned the cost savings associated with EV charging compared to traditional petrol vehicles.

4. Safety and Accessibility in EV Charging:

  • One of the concerns Lia raised was the safety of public charging points, especially in poorly lit areas. Mark Miller's MANTA Ray EV platform aims to address this by sharing private residential and business chargers, ensuring that users are verified and that the charging environment is safe.

  • Charge Safe's inspection process evaluates the safety and accessibility of public charging points, allowing users to make informed decisions based on these scores.

5. The Future of EVs and Charging Infrastructure:

  • Mark mentioned the increasing affordability of EVs, with new entrants in the market driving prices down. He also highlighted the importance of community charging and the potential for hosts to earn revenue by sharing their charging points.

  • Lia emphasised the need for a more inclusive charging infrastructure that benefits everyone, from those with mobility issues to the general population.

In conclusion, the MANTA Ray EV LinkedIn audio series provided valuable insights into the world of electric vehicles, the importance of safety and accessibility in charging infrastructure, and the passion of industry leaders in promoting a sustainable future.

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