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Introducing Sham Chaudhry

Manta Ray EV

24 Apr 2023

Introducing Sham Chaudhry

As the newly appointed COO and Co-Founder of Manta Ray EV, Sham Chaudhry brings over 19 years of diverse industry experience to the team. His fervor for aiding companies in achieving turnaround, expansion, scalability, and fruitful exits is matched by his expertise in strategic planning, operational effectiveness, financial examination, and market positioning.


Sham employs a comprehensive, data-informed approach to corporate transformation, meticulously analyzing a company's strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to formulate tailored strategies that fulfill their objectives. With his proficiency in guiding struggling startups, stagnant mid-sized firms, and established enterprises towards the path of success, Sham is well-equipped to deliver paying users with our MVP mobile app.


Adept at leading teams through change management, Sham excels at uniting diverse stakeholders under a shared vision and executing groundbreaking solutions that spur growth and profitability. He has orchestrated successful turnarounds and expansion efforts in both domestic and international markets, making him the perfect fit for our ambitious goals.


Besides his business acumen, Sham is a talented communicator and team player. He champions a culture of openness, responsibility, and constant progress while actively engaging with stakeholders to incorporate their insights throughout the transformation journey. With his vast experience, strategic foresight, and cooperative demeanor, Sham is the business architect we need to help unlock Manta Ray EV's full potential and achieve our goals. About Manta Ray

Manta Ray is a user-owned EV charging marketplace connecting drivers to home charging hosts, simplifying the fragmented EV network. Users earn tokens for referrals and reviews.

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