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EV Drivers nightmares

20 Dec 2023

Story of journey charging and why it will get better

Before we get inot this it is certainly not the same for every EV Driver, but there are still issues with public and commercial EV charging infrastructure. And for every story like this there are perfectly happy EV Drivers who spend time planning their longer journeys who never have this anxiety.

This is not an unusual post and yes on social media the negative is always loudest but this is a genuine issue that Laura is raising. In the many comments on this post there were positive stories from EV Drivers of their experience and those with helpful suggestions.

There are a number of reasons to be positive about EV mass adoption.

  1. The government and society as whole want this energy transition away from fossil fuels.

  2. As this comment below in response to Laura's post suggest the ranges of EV are going from 100- 200 miles to 300-400 miles with newer EVs. This means journey charging (topping up on a longer journey with Rapid or Ultra-rapid chargers) becomes less important. Finding something suitable at the destination becomes paramount.

And that is where the third element becomes important.

3. Sharing the private residential and business chargers which make up 80% of the EV charging infrastructure makes destination charging away from home a less anxious experience. That means that if just 5% of private chargers are shared in the UK it adds another 50% on top of the available Public charge points.

That is where Manta Ray EV comes in. On our trusted and safe platform which is achieved thropugh verification of every user so there are no strangers on the platform and optional damange protection for hosts/

We have made the whole charging experience simple where we connect with the vehicle will start and stop the charger when you swipe the Manta Ray EV NFC Tag with Manta Ray EV app, which is small adhesive tag attached the hosts charger. This also reads how much was charged and that together with any parking fees beyond that is automatically paid from driver to the EV charging host contactless and without the host needing to do anything.

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