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Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity Policy

Manta Ray EV Limited is fully committed to equality of opportunity in employment and in the way we deliver our services.

We recognise that it is essential to employ the best people to deliver high quality services to our clients and as such we will ensure that prejudice, stereotypes and irrelevant factors are not used to exclude potential candidates for jobs within the Company or to prevent people from doing their jobs to the best of their ability.


We also recognise that equality is part of achieving efficiency, effectiveness and value for money in the way we use resources, including the way we recruit, employ and manage. It is therefore a key element of our core vision, within our Plan for the Business to ensure that all employees are valued equally and equality practices become integral to the way we work throughout the Company.


This Policy therefore seeks to:

  • Enhance and promote high quality services which are responsive to the needs of clients/customers

  • Assist in creating a productive and prejudice free working environment which treats all employees fairly and with respect

  • Demonstrate and promote a commitment to equality by challenging discrimination and valuing diversity amongst employees

  • Improve the motivation, performance, skills and morale of the workforce.


We acknowledge that equal opportunity is the responsibility of every employee within the Company, particularly those who have line management responsibility in the workplace.


The Manta Ray EV Limited commitment to equality of opportunity will ensure that no potential or current employee, or anyone using our services will receive less favourable treatment because of:

  • Age

  • Disability

  • Gender Reassignment

  • Marriage & Civil Partnership

  • Pregnancy & Maternity

  • Race

  • Religion & Belief

  • Gender

  • Sexual Orientation


All employees will be made fully aware of this Policy and without exception must adhere to its requirements. Any employee who feels that they have grounds for complaint in relation to discrimination, bullying, harassment or victimisation has the right to pursue their complaint through the relevant internal policies and procedures.

Equal Opportunities Policy Statement

Manta Ray EV Limited values the diversity of the community we serve. We therefore strive to ensure that our services reflect the needs of all people within the community. All individuals can expect to receive equal access to employment and our services.


Our Commitment under this Diversity Framework:


As an employer we will:

  • Ensure that our recruitment and selection procedures are fair and equitable

  • Train all employees who participate in recruitment

  • Monitor our workforce

  • Make reasonable adjustments to the workplace to minimise barriers to employment faced by disabled people

  • Consult with employees regarding the development of this strategy

  • Provide a working environment where harassment and bullying is unacceptable behaviour which will be challenged


As a Service Provider we will:

  • Minimise the barriers faced by people using our buildings and facilities

  • Train all staff to recognise the diverse needs of the people we serve

  • Produce a range of information about our services and make that information available in various formats

  • Provide a mechanism through our Complaints procedures for employees and clients to express their views about our services

Best Employment Practice

The Company is committed to ensuring equality of opportunity in employment by treating the diverse range of employees in a fair and equitable manner and that we do not unfairly discriminate against any job applicant or existing employee.

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