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Waitlist Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the terms and conditions ("Waitlist Terms & Conditions") for Mobula Ray EV Waitlist ("Waitlist"). These Waitlist Terms are between you and the Company ("Mobula Ray EV") and govern our respective rights and obligations related to Waitlist. Please note that you must read, understand, and accept these Terms & Conditions before participating in the Waitlist.

Eligibility Requirements

The Mobula Ray EV Waitlist Campaign is open to all individuals who are legal residents of and physically located in the United Kingdom who are at least 18 years of age at the time of entry. Proof of identity and/or residency will be required to sign up to the Mobula Ray EV App and to claim any reward.


Ineligibility: Founders and employees of Mobula Ray EV or any third party directly associated with the launch and administration of the Waitlist Campaign are not eligible.

What Are Mobula Ray EV Rewards?

The Participants will get a monetary reward and discount from fees in the Mobula Ray EV App depending on their rank; as follows:

Invitation Eligibility**




> 1001

  • £50

  • Discount of 2% of EV Host commission for 12 months

  • Discount of 1% f Drivers fees for 12 months

  • Discount of 2% of EV Host commission for 6 months

  • Discount of 1% f Drivers fees for 6 months

  • Discount of 1% of EV Host commission for 6 months

  • Discount of 0.5% f Drivers fees for 6 months

  • £0

  • No Discount

​At least 50 invitations

​At least 10 invitations

​At least 5 invitations


**Invitation Eligibility = How many friends should you successfully invite in order to qualify for this reward?

After the Waitlist Promotional Period ends, all participants, including those ranked 1001 or higher, will have an equal chance to win a new iPhone 14 Pro in a random draw.

How To Claim A Mobula Ray EV Reward?

  • Rewards Winners Announcement

    Mobula Ray EV will notify the Rewards winners by email after the Waitlist Period has expired, using the contact information they supplied during the enrolment process. Besides, the winner of the iPhone 14 Pro will be revealed on Manta Ray EV's social media channels.

  • Rewards Payout

    When the Mobula Ray EV App is released, winners will get their Discount automatically set and we will  deposit into their Bank  account—they will need to register with Manta Ray EV within 30 days of the mobile app’s official launch date. 

  • Rewards Specifics.

    Mobula Ray EV is not liable for, and will not replace, any lost or stolen Reward, as well as any Reward that is undeliverable or does not reach the Reward winner due to erroneous contact information. If the Reward winner does does not use Manta Ray EV App within 30 days of the mobile app's official launch date, the Reward will be forfeited, and Manta Ray EV will have no further duty in relation to that Reward.​

Here’s How The Mobula Ray EV Waitlist Works

  1. Visit our website at

    Sign up in seconds by entering your full name, email address and Country. The verification code will be sent to your email address.

  2. Invite friends

    Once you complete your sign up for Mobula Ray EV, you may invite other people (each a “Referee”) to sign up by sharing your unique referral link that will be generated and appear on the website. You may share it (each a “Referral Link”) via all your social media.

  3. Move up on the Waitlist

    For every friend you successfully invite to the Waitlist via your unique referral link and sign up, you will get one (1) point. Keep in mind: If multiple Participants have the same rank, the Participant who joined the Waitlist earlier will be placed higher on the ranking board. Due to the dynamic nature of the Waitlist, you may be moved down to a lower rank at any time if other Participants successfully invite more people than that you invite.

  4. Check your status

    Visit “Check my rank” to see your current rank in line. Once you sign up, you will be able to see your current rank in the Waitlist queue and how many people you need to invite to Mobula Ray EV at that moment to move up to a higher rank


General Provisions

These Waitlist Terms and Conditions do not provide any third party with a remedy, claim, or right of reimbursement. Failure by Mobula Ray EV to enforce any provision(s) of these Waitlist Terms and Conditions shall not be construed as a waiver of any provision or right. These Waitlist Terms and Conditions constitute the complete and binding agreement between you and Mobula Ray EV. Neither you nor Mobula Ray EV rely on any claims or statements made by the other party or any other person that are not explicitly stated in these Waitlist Terms and Conditions. If any part of these Waitlist Terms and Conditions is deemed illegal or unenforceable, the remaining sections will remain in full force and effect.

Furthermore, by joining the Waitlist, you grant Mobula Ray EV an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive worldwide license to publish, post, display, copy, distribute, transmit, edit, use and disclose your personal information to suppliers and affiliates in order to administer or otherwise run this Waitlist promotion. Personal information collected as part of this Waitlist promotion may be used for direct marketing purposes. All personal information will be handled in accordance with Mobula Ray EV’s Privacy Policy.

Governing Law

These Waitlist Terms & Conditions, as well as all other aspects of the MoneyFlap website such as the Rewards and your personal information, are governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California, without respect to its choice of law rules. This governing law provision is applicable regardless of where you live or where you join the Waitlist from. To settle any issues arising under these Waitlist Terms & Conditions, you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the United Kingdom courts located in or having jurisdiction over United Kingdom.

Events In Our Control

Mobula Ray EV has the right to deny access to the Waitlist to anyone who violates these Waitlist Terms and Conditions. Manta Ray EV reserves the right to declare the Reward (or any portion of it) void, cancel, suspend, or change it as necessary. Mobula Ray EV will not, in any circumstances, be responsible or liable to compensate a Participant or a Reward winner, accept any liability (whether direct, indirect, special, incidental, exemplary, punitive, or consequential) for any loss, damage, personal injury, or death arising out of or in connection with any Participant's participation in the Waitlist, whether such liability arises from any claim based on contract, warranty, tort (including negroes), or otherwise.

Events Beyond of Our Control

Mobula Ray EV will not be responsible for any enrolment failure, internet connectivity concerns, typographical or other error in the sign-up process, administration of the Waitlist, errors in processing sign-ups and invitations, identifying Participants or Reward winners, announcing Participants or Reward winners, or delivering the Reward or others action beyond reasonable control. Manta Ray EV's decision on any part of the Reward is final and binding.

You may contact us at  to opt out of the Waitlist or whatever relating to these Waitlist Terms & Conditions.

Updated on 23/03/2024 at 17:16 (GMT+0).

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