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Manta Ray EV Welcomes Naeem Atta as CTO & Co-Founder and Sham Chaudhry as COO & Co-Founder

Manta Ray EV

24 Apr 2023

Manta Ray EV Welcomes Naeem Atta as CTO & Co-Founder and Sham Chaudhry as COO & Co-Founder

Manta Ray EV is proud to announce the appointment of Naeem Atta as CTO & Co-Founder and Sham Chaudhry as COO & Co-Founder. The two seasoned industry professionals bring decades of experience and expertise to the Manta Ray team, and their addition promises to take the company to new heights.


Naeem Atta is a technology visionary with over 30 years of experience in cutting-edge solutions. He has a strong track record of guiding organizations through boom-bust cycles and leveraging innovative advancements to deliver adaptable tech capabilities. Naeem is also a strong proponent of blockchain and AI, which has earned him advisory roles with the UK Government, global energy organizations, and FinTech start-ups. His commitment to continuous learning is evident in his degrees in Computer Science and Data Science & Analytics, which he uses to envision and implement technology solutions that break down barriers and create more equitable wealth distribution.


Sham Chaudhry, the newly appointed COO, is an accomplished industry professional with over 19 years of experience in strategic planning, operational effectiveness, financial examination, and market positioning. He excels in change management, and his data-informed approach to corporate transformation has helped startups, mid-sized firms, and established enterprises achieve success in domestic and international markets. Sham fosters a culture of openness, responsibility, and progress, and his tailored strategies have helped companies achieve turnaround, expansion, scalability, and fruitful exits.


Together, Naeem and Sham make an unstoppable team that promises to revolutionize the electric vehicle industry with innovative solutions and strategic planning. Their vast experience, strategic foresight, and cooperative demeanor will help unlock Manta Ray EV's full potential and lead the company to new levels of success starting with delivering and rolling out the MVP for our target user cluster in the North of England - Tees Valley.


For more information about Manta Ray EV and its leadership team, please visit . About Manta Ray

Manta Ray is a user-owned EV charging marketplace connecting drivers to home charging hosts, simplifying the fragmented EV network. Users earn tokens for referrals and reviews.

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