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Sélectionné parmi les 20 meilleures startups pour Shell Startup Engine

Raie Manta EV

6 Jun 2023

Moteur de démarrage Shell

Manta Ray EV, a pioneering startup in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, has been recognized for its groundbreaking work by being selected as one of the Top 20 startups by Shell Startup Engine.

This prestigious acknowledgement highlights Manta Ray EV's commitment to revolutionizing the EV charging infrastructure. With their innovative SaaS Marketplace connecting EV drivers to home EV charging hosts, AI-driven personalized route planning, and dynamic pricing, Manta Ray EV is transforming the way we think about EV charging.

The recognition from Shell Startup Engine further solidifies Manta Ray EV's position as a key player in the future of sustainable transportation and reinforces their dedication to driving positive change in the industry.

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