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Communiqué de presse : EVacado et Mobula Ray EV forgent un partenariat révolutionnaire pour révolutionner la recharge des véhicules électriques dans le Yorkshire et le Lincolnshire

Marketing des véhicules électriques Mobula Ray

12 Feb 2024

Partenariat EVacado et Mobula Ray EV


EVacado and Mobula Ray EV Forge Groundbreaking Partnership to Revolutionize EV Charging in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

[Yorkshire/Lincolnshire, UK] – In a significant leap forward for electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, EVacado, a leading name in sustainable transportation, has joined forces with Mobula Ray EV, innovators in EV charging solutions. This pioneering partnership aims to transform the EV charging landscape in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, marking the beginning of a new era for EV owners and enthusiasts in these regions.

A Community-Driven Charging Revolution

Starting immediately with the launch of Mobula Ray EV, EVacado will direct its valued customers to become hosts with Mobula Ray EV. This initiative, rolling out first in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, invites local residents to be at the forefront of a movement to enhance access to private EV chargers. By joining as a host, individuals will contribute significantly to the development of a comprehensive, community-based charging network.

Why Yorkshire and Lincolnshire?

The choice of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire as the pilot regions for this collaboration stems from their dynamic communities and the increasing demand for EV infrastructure. This partnership is designed to empower local EV owners to be part of the green revolution, facilitating more accessible and convenient charging solutions than ever before.

Future Horizons

This referral program is just the beginning. EVacado and Manta Ray EV are dedicated to expanding their partnership with the introduction of innovative solutions and initiatives aimed at supporting both customers and the environment.

Be Part of the Green Revolution

Residents of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire are invited to join this transformative journey by signing up as Mobula Ray EV hosts and installing an EVacado charger at your business or home.. This opportunity is not just about providing a charging point—it's about joining a global movement towards sustainability and connectivity.

For details on how to become a host and to join the initiative, please visit Mobula Ray EV's website. Or if you want to install EVacado please visit EVacado website. Together, we can drive positive change and make electric driving more feasible for everyone.

About EVacado

EVacado is a renowned provider of sustainable transportation solutions, dedicated to making green travel more accessible and efficient for everyone.

About Mobula Ray EV

Mobula Ray EV is at the forefront of EV charging innovation, offering a platform that connects EV drivers with private charging points, simplifying the charging process and enhancing the EV driving experience.

Quotes from the CEOs

Simon Short, CEO of EVacado, shared his vision for the partnership: "Joining forces with Manta Ray EV is a strategic move towards fulfilling our mission of making sustainable transportation more accessible. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to innovation and our belief in the power of community-driven solutions to drive the green revolution forward."

Mark Miller, CEO of Mobula Ray EV, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership: "This collaboration with EVacado represents a pivotal moment for Mobula Ray EV and the EV community at large. By leveraging our combined strengths, we're not just enhancing the EV charging network; we're setting a new standard for accessibility and sustainability in electric transportation."

For further information, please contact: 

Thank you for supporting sustainable transportation. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on this partnership and other developments.

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