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Recharge intelligente des véhicules électriques
pour tout le monde


Découvrez notre solution innovante connectant les conducteurs de VE aux points de recharge privés. Dites adieu à l'anxiété liée à l'autonomie grâce à notre plateforme de confiance et à notre expérience de recharge simplifiée.


Get your life-style charging
Join our platform

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Trouvez et réservez plus de bornes de recharge.

Comme nous permettons l'accès à 80 % des infrastructures de recharge de véhicules électriques situées dans des emplacements résidentiels et commerciaux, Mobula Ray EV vous aide à rechercher et à trouver une borne de recharge réservable.

List your charger and be on worlds most trusted platform

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Aidez le monde à parvenir à une adoption massive tout en gagnant de l’argent.

Avec Mobula Ray EV, il n'y a pas d'étrangers dans vos locaux. Inscrivez-vous simplement, vérifiez vous-même et votre chargeur. Votre tag Mobula Ray EV unique vous est envoyé. Définissez la disponibilité de vos chargeurs et asseyez-vous.

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  • How do I join as Electric Vehicle EV Driver?
    Download the app and signup. Verify yourself to help make it a trusted platform. Alas for now its not on Apple or Google App store, but it will be soon. Instead for now you can join the waitlist where you can rank to win cash and big discounts as EV Driver and an EV Host.
  • Is there a cost to use the App?
    No it is free to use and signup. The only cost is when you use someones shared charger and parking space and Mobula Ray EV takes a commission fee from the host and the driver pays a very small fee.
  • How do I charge and park?
    Mobula Ray EV sends hosts a Mobula Ray EV NFC (Near Field Communication as used to pay by phone) tag which an EV Driver swipes to start the charging ensuring the charger is plugged in. SmartCar connection will start the session automatically. When you return from your activity you swipe the NFC tag to end your parking and charging session. If the charge completed based on your charge limits set you will only pay for the charge consumed.
  • How much will charge and park cost?
    The fees for charging and parking are set by the EV host. Within the host side of the app we plan to help make the setting of prices competitive by comparing with other hosts and the public chargers nearby. Further we have planned a AI driven dynamic pricing feature which will mean that you will get the best price based on the conditions and demand in that area.
  • Is Mobula Ray EV safe?
    This is paramount importance to Mobula Ray EV and KYC (Know Your Customer as used by Banks to setup account) verification along with driver and host reviews makes it a trusted platform. On our roadmap is commitment to work with chargesafe who has criteria to rate charging location in terms of safety and accessibility for public chargers, but we will apply this to private residential and business chargers on Mobula Ray EV. Privacy is taken seriously by us and our Partners Stripe, Veriff and SmartCar. Our Privacy policy is here.
  • How do I earn rewards?
    As EV Driver you can earn rewards in the following ways: ​ Complete verification as EV Driver and earn 20 $mrev Refer a user who signs up as EV Driver and earn 40 $mrev Refer a user who signs up as EV Host will be awarded 1 $mrev for every £3 of revenue generated by the EV Host for the first 6 months. e.g. £300 will earn 100 $mrev Completing a review of a EV Host will earn 5 $mrev Receiving a 5 star review as EV Driver will earn you 5 $mrev
  • How do I use $mrev rewards?
    As a EV driver you can use $mrev to discount any drivers fees. For every 100 $mrev the fees will reduced by 1% for 1 month. ​ Anyone holding $mrev have the right submit an idea for the application features and rules on how the marketplace operates. No $mrev is spent proposing new ideas. ​ $mrev holders have the right to vote on an idea proposed. The number of $mrev equals the number of votes for or against a proposal. ​ In the future $mrev will be able to be exchanged for cash.
  • How do I find a Mobula Ray EV charger?
    Our initial app allows you to search for a destination and plan a route and see both Mobula Ray EV chargers and public chargers that you can select and book. ​ Soon we will have intelligent personalised route planning making our app the one place you need for finding our chargers and your journey chargers which takes your preferences and past history into account.
  • How is Mobula Ray EV different?
    We have worked hard to make Mobula Ray EV a trusted and safe platform where all users are verified using KYC ensuring there are no strangers on the platform, which along with review system ensures a great community. We ask for a connection to the car which we use to start, stop and measure charge used giving a simplified and automated charging experience whatever type of charger. ​ This simplicity and a trusted platform takes shared EV charging to the next level.
  • What if I do not turn up for a booking?
    As EV Driver you can see your bookings and you will be notified of upcoming booking. If you have change of plans or your route takes you somewhere else you can cancel the booking free of charge 30 minutes before the booking starts. If you do not cancel the booking before 30 minutes of the start or the complete the booking you will be charged the parking fee for the booking duration. That is the default but there it is host discretion to change that.
  • How can I be a EV host?
    Whether you have smart charger, an older charger, Type 1 or Type 2, or even a standard outdoor plug you can be an EV Host.
  • Can I be an EV Driver and EV Host?
    Yes Mobula Ray EV app is specifically designed for both use as EV Driver and to be an EV Host.
  • How do I sign up as EV host?
    For now sign-up as host here and we will ensure your spot on our platform when we release Mobula Ray EV on apple and google App Store. Then just signup get verified and select your charger from the list, set availability and your price.
  • Can I choose when my charger is available?
    Yes for each charger that you have on Manta Ray EV you can specify the availability for 3 months in advance and change it if your circumstances changes. All bookings are made in advance and if they are cancelled less than 30 minutes before the booking starts the EV host has the option to charge the parking fee for the duration booked.
  • How is the charge used measured?
    This is unique to Mobula Ray EV. When a EV driver adds their vehicle to to the app we will ask you to allow us to connect to your car (if compatible) through SmartCar. This will start and stop the charge as well as measure accurately the amount charged in KwH.
  • How much will I earn?
    We’ve seen car parking and charging space owners earn as much as £1000 per month. This Telegraph article illustrates some good examples. What you’ll earn depends on where your space is, and how much demand there is in your area. But as we move transition to an electrified world, we can only see that demand increasing. It’s an exciting time to come on board.
  • How do I earn rewards as a EV host?
    As an EV Host you can earn rewards in the following ways: ​ Complete all stages of KYC as EV host; Identification, address and Charge Point video will earn you 40 $mrev Refer a user who signs up as EV Driver and you will earn 50 $mrev Refer a user who signs up as EV Host and you will earn 1 $mrev for every £3 of revenue generated by the EV Host for the first 6 months. e.g. £300 will earn 100 $mrev Completing a review of EV Driver will earn you 5 $mrev Receiving a 5 star review as EV Host will earn you 5 $mrev
  • How can I use rewards as EV host?
    As a EV host you can use $mrev to discount any the commission fees. For every 150 $mrev the commission will reduced by 1% for 1 month. ​ In future release the EV host can use $mrev to highlight and promote their charge point to EV Drivers. For 50 $mrev the EV Host can promote their charge point for 2 months on the platform. ​ Anyone holding $mrev have the right submit an idea for the application features and rules on how the marketplace operates. No $mrev is spent proposing new ideas. ​ $mrev holders have the right to vote on an idea proposed. The number of $mrev equals the number of votes for or against a proposal. ​ In the future $mrev will be able to be exchanged for cash.
  • Do I have to pay tax on my income?
    Income from renting out your charger and your parking space are included in the property trading income allowance introduced by the government in April 2017. This means you can make up to £1,000 per year, completely tax-free.
  • How do I keep my charger safe?
    For Mobula Ray EV your safety and reassurance is of paramount importance, so we have partnered with third parties to provide: ​ Damage Protection Guarantee of your charger. Often home insurance or vehicle insurance only partially cover your electric charge point. With our guarantee which is an additional small payment per transaction we explicitly cover your charger as used by sharing it as EV Host. Optional Maintenance & Repair service. We have partnered with a number of local EV charging installers who can provide regular maintenance of your charger and provide repairs should it be required. This will be an additional payment per month.
  • Who makes a great EV Host?
    Our platform is designed for both neighbourhood charging to help those that cannot or do not have a home charger such as people in multi-dwellings or terraced houses. Destination charging is where your location is near Points of Interest that make your charger popular. Places like touristic spots, retail shopping, hospitality such as Pub, Restaurant or Cafe, Leisure spots like leisure centres, sports fields, cinemas, theatres etc, Event venues like stadiums, conference centres arenas, Transport interchanges, health facilities.

Rencontrez nos incroyables fondateurs : ils apportent une richesse d'expériences variées et se sont unis autour d'une vision puissante : révolutionner la recharge des véhicules électriques et réduire considérablement les émissions mondiales de carbone.

Qu’est-ce que Mobula Ray EV ?

Mobula Ray EV est comme Airbnb mais pour la recharge des véhicules électriques. Nous permettons aux conducteurs de véhicules électriques de trouver et d'utiliser facilement des chargeurs privés à domicile et dans les entreprises, les aidant ainsi à voyager plus loin sans souci.

Nous nous attaquons à un problème majeur : les véhicules électriques deviennent de plus en plus populaires, mais les bornes de recharge publiques ne parviennent pas à suivre le rythme. La plupart des chargeurs appartiennent à des propriétaires privés, et cela ne changera pas de sitôt.

Le réseau de recharge public est inégal et souvent mal entretenu, ce qui entraîne des problèmes.

En raison de ces problèmes, 20 % des utilisateurs de véhicules électriques reviennent aux voitures à essence traditionnelles par crainte de manquer de charge. Nous sommes ici pour changer cela.

Electric Car Charger

Expérience de charge simplifiée

Chaque hôte EV utilise un Mobula Ray EV spécial (balise NFC). Les conducteurs glissent simplement cette balise pour commencer et terminer leur session de recharge et de stationnement.


Mobula Ray EV se synchronise avec la voiture du conducteur via notre application. Cela nous permet de démarrer et d'arrêter la charge automatiquement et de suivre exactementcombien de frais sont utilisés, garantissant une tarification précise.

Pour les conducteurs, c'est aussi simple que de brancher et c'est parti.

Les hôtes peuvent facilement définir quand leur chargeur est disponible et combien facturer par kWh et pour le stationnement.

Electric Car Charging Station
Electric Car Charging

Plateforme fiable et sécurisée

Nous protégeons notre plateforme en utilisant une vérification au niveau bancaire pour chaque utilisateur, afin qu'il n'y ait pas d'étrangers ici. Nous veillons à ce que l'adresse et le chargeur de chaque hôte de véhicule électrique soient vérifiés, et nous fournissons même une protection contre les dommages à leurs chargeurs.

Pour plus de tranquillité d'esprit, nous proposons des services optionnels de maintenance et de réparation aux hôtes. De plus, notre système d'évaluation intégré permet aux conducteurs et aux hôtes de s'évaluer mutuellement, maintenant ainsi des normes de sécurité et des normes communautaires élevées.


Nous travaillons également à l'introduction d'un indice de charge sécurisé pour nos hôtes, similaire aux bornes de recharge publiques, afin de montrer à quel point leurs chargeurs sont sûrs et accessibles.

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Mobula Ray EV 
La recharge intelligente des véhicules électriques pour tous

Confiance et ampli; Plateforme sécurisée - Pas d'étrangers dans vos locaux
Configuration simple pour ajouter votre véhicule électrique et votre chargeur
Calendrier et réservez votre séance de recharge
Paiement sans contact et automatisé directement sur l'hébergeur via l'application
Récompenses intégrées à l'application pour les tâches communautaires pour des réductions, des avantages et des remises en argent
Recherchez des chargeurs Public et Mobula Ray EV le long de votre itinéraire et de votre destination
Expérience de recharge simple via votre voiture
Fixer le prix et la disponibilité de votre chargeur
Systèmes d'évaluation intégrés pour tous les utilisateurs afin d'améliorer l'expérience
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